Gym Policies

Make-Up class POLICY

  • Only 3 make-ups permitted per session.
  • Make-ups must be taken in the same session as the class missed.
  • No scheduling a make-up on the day your child is already participating in class. (Your child cannot stay for the next class to do a make-up in after just completing their normal class. No back to back classes).
  • You may choose to do your make-up class during Open Gym time (please schedule this with the front desk so that you don't have to pay for Open Gym).
  • You MUST call in advance to reserve a space (we only allow one make up child per class to maintain our teacher to student ratios).
  • No make-ups for make-ups. 

Unattended children and items in the lobby are NOT the responsibility of Fairfax Gymnastics Academy.

Please talk to your children about your pickup and drop off plan.  Please pick up your child on time.  If you are delayed for some reason, please call the front desk (703-323-8050). Instruct your child to wait inside the building.  There is a late fee of $25 if you are more than 20 minutes late.  Please pick them up in the lobby and escort them outside. Please do no have your child meet you outside.  Pick up and drop off is a very busy time.  Please drive slowly and carefully.  

DO NOT have your child meet you in the parking lot.  Please come inside to pick up your child.

Please read through our FAQ for more information about registration, class room policies, and general information.

Attire for a Class

Leotard, shorts and T-shirts, sweats, and leggings are preferred. Jeans, belts, baggy clothes (included large sweat shirts), jewelry, and socks are not allowed due to safety considerations.

Hair must be pulled back and secured (this is for any hair long enough to be in the child's face or covering their eyes). 

Snow & Ice Policy

Please call the gym for a recorded message or visit our website for updates. We do not always follow Fairfax County school closings. 

Photo Use Policy

We are proud of all of our athletes! We like to take pictures of what is going on in the gym as well as at our extra activities (birthday parties, special events, etc.). We WILL NOT post any names of our athletes but we do like to post what they are learning and working on in our gym. The pictures may also be used in flyers and/or brochures, social media and our website. The website gives general information about our gym and the programs we offer.  All content on the website is publicly viewable by anyone on the internet.

Fairfax Gymnastics Academy