Fairfax Gymnastics Academy

Covid-19 update

Learn our new Policies for all Gym Classes. 

All classes have been scheduled so as to limit the number of people in our facility. 

We ask that parents adhere to a strict Drop Off and Pick Up Only Rule: 
      + NO Parents are to stay in the lobby during their child’s class/camp.

      + Exceptions will be made for parents with children under the age of 3 years old

         on a case by case basis.

      + Parents of athletes 5 years old and under are asked to stay in the parking lot

         for the duration of the class.
      + Parents are free to observe from the gym windows.
      + Parents are required to have updated Customer Portal Contact Information.


Keeping the Gym Clean and Safe:
      + Lobby and common areas will be cleaned several times a day.
      + Gym equipment will be sprayed down as necessary.
      + Gymnasts are encouraged to wash hands BEFORE AND AFTER Classes/Camps
      + Coaches are required to Wash Hands BEFORE each class/camp
      + Parents should not send in children who have a cough or fever.


What is your refund policy?  NO REFUNDS.

Is there a family discount? There is a discount of 10% off each additional child’s equal or lesser tuition. 

Can I make a payment over the phone?  Yes, we can take credit card payments over the phone.

When can I re-enroll my child for the next session?  Re-enrollment for the next session opens up 3 weeks before the end of the current session. Charges for the upcoming session will be placed in your customer portal account.  You must pay online before the second to last class of the current session.  You risk losing your spot to someone on the waitlist if you have not paid by the second to last class of the current session.  $10 late fee for paying after the deadline.

A class is full, can I be added to a wait list?  Yes, in fact you can be added to multiple wait lists - for as many classes as you'd like. You can request wait list spots through the customer portal.

How long are the wait lists valid?  The wait lists are in effect Session #1 - Session #4 (essentially, the school year Sept - mid June). The wait lists are completely DELETED at the beginning of Session #5 (Summer Session) - as our schedule and classes change to accommodate the summer season.

When can I register for Summer classes (Session #5)?Summer class registration usually opens up on May 1st. The Summer Schedule will be released on our website and you can request enrollment for your Class via the Customer Portal.

When can I register for Fall classes (Session #1)? Fall class registration usually opens up around August 1st. Students enrolled in Summer Classes will have Priority Registration for Fall Classes. Registration can be done via our Customer Portal.

What are your office hours?   Office Hours vary depending on our Sessions. Check our home page for updated times.

Class Policies

What if my child misses a class? Only 3 make-ups permitted per session. Make-ups must be taken in the same session as the class missed. Make-ups MUST be scheduled, your child will not be allowed into a class unless the make-up has first been scheduled.  No make-ups for a missed make-up class. Call 703-323-8050 in advance to schedule your make-up. Read our Make-up Policy. If you just show up without calling ahead for a makeup you will be turned away.  Open gym is also an option for making up a class - no need to call ahead for this option.

It is our first class.  What do I need to do?   Please come in and find a cubby. You do not need to check in at the front desk. Remove shoes, socks, and any loose clothing or jewelry. Please wait in the lobby for the class to be called.  The coach will come to the door and call for students when the class is starting.  Please be sure to listen carefully, as several classes maybe called at once - often groups will warm up together then break into separate classes after warm up.

What should my child wear in class?  Leotard, shorts and tuck-able T-shirts, sweats, and leggings are preferred. Jeans, belts, baggy clothes, jewelry, and socks are not allowed due to safety considerations. Hair must be pulled back and secured. Any hair that can get into the child's face or eyes needs to be pulled back.

When can my child move up to the next level?  Placements to the next level happen at the end of session #4 (end of the school year), before summer.  This is at the coach's discretion.  We prefer to have the child finish through session #4 moving up to the next level; this help with continuity of teaching in the class.  

When should we arrive? Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before class so that they can find a cubby, take off shoes, socks, jewelry, and loose items, and go to the bathroom. Please do not drop off more than 5 minutes early.

What are your pickup procedures?   Please pick up your child on time.  If you are delayed for some reason, please call the front desk (703-323-8050).  Instruct your child to wait inside the building.  There is a late fee of $25 if you are more than 20 minutes late.   Pick up and drop off is a very busy time.  Please drive slowly and carefully. 

What is your spectator policy? DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS: NO SPECTATORS IN THE BUILDING. You can view the gym from the exterior windows.

Due to insurance restrictions NO ONE is allowed in the training area without an instructor. Siblings and friends not enrolled in class must remain outside and must be supervised by an adult. When class is over, gymnasts must leave the training area. The instructors will need to start the next class and therefore cannot supervise them. 

Can I take pictures of my children while they are in class?  Yes, BUT you must remain outside the building and NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.


Where should I park?  You can park in the FGA spaces marked 3729 and 3731 or you can park in any of the spots marked Visitor.

What is your inclement weather policy?  Please call the gym (703-323-8050) for a recorded message or visit our website for updates. We do not always follow Fairfax County school closings.

Do you close on Federal Holidays?  We only close on some federal holidays.  Please check the session calendar for dates when the gym is open or closed.

What is your photo use policy?  We are proud of all of our athletes! We like to take pictures of what is going on in the gym as well as at our extra activities (birthday parties, special events, etc.). We WILL NOT post any names of our athletes but we do like to post what they are learning and working on in our gym. The pictures may also be used in flyers and/or brochures, social media and our website. The website gives general information about our gym and the programs we offer.  All content on the website is publicly viewable by anyone on the internet.